Have you ever?

I haven’t done this in quite a while…so bear with me, I kinda forget how it’s done….

Have you ever made love with the rain pouring down?
Dripping off the leaves of the trees as you touch and kiss.

Heard the sound of a lonely wolf cry for it’s mate,
While wrapped in the arms of your lover’s bliss?

Have you ever kisses under a waterfall,
While the water came down.

Or laid with your lover by the railroad tracks,
As the horn blew it’s lonesome sound?

Did you ever feel the heat of two bodies merged,
Laying on the sand in the sun?

Or the coolness of snow against your skin,
As your two bodies became one.

Did you ever know of a love that that knew all seasons,
Feel of a love that knew no bounds?

A love that knows all colors of the rainbow,
A love that sang with every sound?

A love that runs hot as the deepest pit of hell,
Melted a heart of winter snow,

And in it’s burning embers,
I found the greatest love I’ve known.



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