I suck.

This sucks, he sucks, we sucks….

So, Saturday night, “teddy bear” texts to tell me he’s not well. Meh..big deal, right? I basically told him I was sorry to hear it (I was) and went about my evening.

Yesterday, around noontime, he textes me again…he’s got Covid…not just Covid, but pneumonia from it. Ok, now I’m a bit concerned, for him and myself, but also for my clients…

I came home from work, took my usual nap..woke up to messages from several people…stood up to come downstairs…and that’s when the wheels came off the damn bus.

I instantly got dizzy. Started shivering. Felt like general horseshit. So, off in my car I go to get tested.

Two and half hours later, I was on my way home with a positive diagnosis. FUCK!

Now mind you..I don’t know why I’m not used to it…but everything fucking hits me hard when I’m sick. My moods swing more, my anxiety is through the roof. In general, I’m a royal fucking bitch…which I have been for days…ask the “bad boy”..he’s taken the brunt of it. (hangs head..so sorry babe)….so I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming.

Today, I woke up feeling like a truck hit me. But..shit to do right? Life goes on. Calls to make, etc…the problem. Every fucking time I got into doing something…even as miniscule as cleaning up this dumpster fire of a room…someone has needed something. So I get frustrated, and try to rest..wrong answer again. My phone starts blowing up with messages and calls.

Everyone wants to know if I’m ok..so:

Current temp: 101.5…
Headache: Yup
Body aches: Yup
Chills: Well..it’s around 75 degrees in here and I’m shivering, does that tell ya anything?
Nasal passages: Can’t fucking breathe through them:
Throat: Feels like 180 grit sandpaper
Mouth: Tastes like the tooth fairy took a massive shit in it.

But hey…I’m breathing..so I’m ok, right?

Am I done whining? Probably fucking not…

All I want right now is a fucking whirlpool bathtub full of lavender bubble bath n rose petals, a bottle of Grey Goose, Chris Stapleton blaring through a pair of Bose earbuds, and a sexy man waiting on me hand and foot. Is that so much for a girl to ask?? OH and big ass bowl…or at least the dugout for my hitter to be full…I’d happily settle for that right now, and wait on the rest.

But instead…I gotta suck it up…cause that ain’t gonna be happening anytime soon…UGH!!

I just stretched…and everything from my hips to my earlobes cracked.

I’m not sure if that hurt or felt really fucking good at this point.

Great..just great…

Stay frosty my friends. I’ll keep ya updated.

OH, btw, to any of you that say that Covid is just the damn flu…I can assure you, I’ve had the damn flu…this is not the flu…

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